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Important Guidelines in Installing your Split Type Air Conditioner

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Installing an air conditioner is not very simple. You need to make sure you have installed it correctly in order to avoid possible leakage in the future that could lead to bigger issues and can cost you further. Moreover, improper installation of an air conditioner can also lead to lesser airflow of the air conditioner and can result to maintenance after maintenance. 

So, what are some things that you need to consider when installing an air conditioner in your home? 


  1. Wall Strength: The strength of the wall where you will be installing the air conditioner should be enough to hold the weight of the air conditioner you’ll install. If ever the wall is not strong enough, your air conditioner won’t be able to stick in place in the future causing leakage and even damage on your AC unit. 


  1. Spacing: Even if you want to make sure that it is installed tightly to the wall so that it won’t fall any time soon, you also need to take note on observing the right spacing when installing your air conditioner. Split ACs that are frequently installed in homes have a minimum top distance of 15cm and is also observed as the side spacing. This spacing enables the air conditioner to have a proper flow of air. 


  1. Height from the Ground: As much as we want to observe the proper spacing between the top and side parts of the air conditioner, we should also take note of the spacing under or the height that should be observed from the ground. In order to position your AC correctly, observe a height of 7 feet or higher. This ensures a room’s adequate coolness. 


  1. Tilt Angle: An air conditioner should be tilted in a slight angle so that air can be distributed properly thus it can also help in making sure that the flow of the water that has been condensed from the pipes for drainage are flowing without restriction.  


  1. Outdoor Unit Location: Since you have already positioned your air conditioner inside your hoe correctly, also make sure that the outdoor unit is correctly located with respect to the location of your air conditioner inside your home. Always make sure you are installing the outdoor unit in an open area so that there will be nothing else that hinders the heat that is being dissipated from the part that responsible for the water condensation.  


  1. Outdoor Unit Placement: In order to make sure your air conditioner functions well; it is also vital to make sure the outdoor unit is placed somewhere correctly. Check on the surface of your outdoor unit if it is a surface that is rigid and flat. If ever your unit is not placed in a surface that is flat, the vibration will lead the breakage of some significant parts of your air conditioning system. Moreover, noises from the vibration can cause some noise to your home.  


If ever you have an air conditioner you want installed, make sure to check air conditioning installation North Port, to make sure your place will have adequate air flow! 

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